21 Jan

VOIP Certified Broadband

Looking to run a VOIP PBX or Hosted PBX solution for your business but concerned about call quality? Already got a VOIP setup and you’re current broadband is causing issues with it? We can help…

We’re able to offer VOIP Certified SIP Data Bearing ADSL/SDSL broadband connections which offer 1:1 ratio (ie. 1mb download/1mb upload, 2mb/2mb etc) which are fully compatible with VOIP and will provide the highest levels of call quality.

What’s more, we can even provide backup ADSL circuits which will kick in should the main SDSL connection ever stop working, making sure you never miss a call.

How much extra is this going to cost?

Prices for a 1:1 1mb SDSL line start from £35 per month which is suitable for up to 6 SIP Trunks/6 SIP Communicator users.

Backup ADSL Cricuits are available from £7 per month.

* prices exclude VAT