21 Jan

SIP Trunk Setup/Management

HFC Telecoms are proud to be able to offer some of the highest quality and most reliable SIP trunks in the VOIP Industry, thank’s to our Partnership with Spitfire Telecoms – a business VOIP provider based in London who’s been providing award-winning SIP Trunks since 1988.

A SIP Trunk is required by a VOIP PBX in order to make/receive calls with other landline/mobile numbers – basically like a phone line. The cost of a SIP Trunk is substantially cheaper than the line rental of a PSTN line through BT, which makes it incredibly cost effective to take on multiple SIP Trunks (multiple lines) so you can have a higher number of concurrent calls taking place at the same time. It also enables you to benefit from cheaper VOIP calls via your SIP Trunk.

What About My Current Business Phone Number?.

That’s not a problem – it can easily be ported over to Spitfire and applied to the SIP Trunk. If you have multiple SIP Trunks then they can all use that same phone number, or you can have additional numbers come in through the Trunks, including Direct Dial numbers (in blocks of 10). It literally works the same as it does with BT – just cheaper and more cost effective!

What About Call Quality?

Call quality should be the same, if not clearer than your standard PSTN landline making both yourself and your customers unable to tell your speaking to them via a VOIP line. That said though, call quality does come down to the quality of your broadband connection – especially if the line suffers from jitters or packet loss.

It’s generally recommended that any SIP Trunks are run through a separate, dedicated ADSL connection in order to separate your voice and data communications, but it is also recommended that such ADSL connection is a premium grade one which guarantees certain levels of quality of service and is designed for VOIP data – most standard ADSL broadband connections are not high enough quality to give a perfect VOIP signal.

We’re able to arrange installation of such broadband packages through Spitfire and will work with them to connect it up to your PBX system and connect the SIP Trunk to broadband.