21 Jan

Hosted PBX Solutions

At HFC Telecoms, we’re pelased to be able to offer Spitfire’s Hosted PBX system – SIP Communicator, which basically removed need for an in-house PBX system and utilises one hosted by Spitfire.

This is a great entry level way of moving into the VOIP market, but without the upfront cost of buying any PBX software or PBX hardware – all you need to buy is some IP Phones. SIP Communicator is an award winning hosted PBX solution which is easy to setup, easy to manage and helps introduce business’s to cheaper calls and more facilities.

We’re happy to offer the full solution from quotation, setup and supply of IP phones – we’re happy to do it all for you.

Will It Work On My Existing Broadband?

The system will potentially work on your current broadband, but with any hosted PBX solution, data needs to be passed extremely quickly between the phone, the remote PBX and back again. If your broadband connection is unable to do that (and we’re not just talking about how many MB connection you’re on), then you will experience issues with some of the features (such as call transfer), and also notice issues with call quality.

With ANY hosted PBX solution, we would strongly recommend getting a dedicated VOIP certified broadband connection suitable for the number of extensions you’re looking to use. Please ask us for further information or to supply a suitable broadband connection.