21 Jan


Our PBX Phone Systems are capable of running anything ranging from 1 line/user through to 1024 lines/users. Started small and need to get bigger? Not a problem! Because our PBX software (3CX) is a software IP based solution, it’s easy to add additional extensions and lines – all you need to buy is an IP phone for that new member of staff and they can be up and running on your existing system in less than 10 minutes.

That Much Expandability Must Come At A Price, Right?

Wrong! It doesn’t – in fact our base systems are incredibly cost effective for Micro Business’s.

The beauty of using 3CX as a PBX solution is that it allows unlimited number of extensions (users) – the way it’s licensed is by the amount of concurrent calls that can take place at any one time. By that, we basically mean how many calls and be made in and out through the VOIP gateways at any one time. With licenses starting from 4 concurrent calls upwards and lower cost upgrade options between licenses available, 3CX offers maximum flexibility to allow your phone system to grow as your company grows.

What If We Have Multiple Premises?

These can all be linked! That way internal phone calls (whether it be between extensions in the same office, or between extensions in different offices) are totally free, then all you pay for is outgoing calls to your customers or suppliers.

We Have Staff Working From Home – What About Them?

Not a problem! As long as they are somewhere with an Internet connection and an IP Phone, they can be connected to your 3CX PBX system in the same way as if they were in your offices. There’s even a mobile app (iPhone & Android) which allows you to use your extension from your office whilst you’re out of the office – even if you’re travelling in a different country! Customers would be none the wiser to the fact you are out of the office as when you ring them it will show as you ringing from your office/DDI number.

Do you want a phone system that grows as your business grows?
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