21 Jan

Cheaper Calls

HFC Telecoms don’t just aim to offer cheaper call charges than you’re currently paying BT – we DO give them cheaper calls! With calls to landlines costing 0.07p /min and mobile’s only £0.4p /min, you’re business could start saving today!

What’s The Catch?

Put simply, there isn’t one.

The reason calls are so much cheaper are because calls are basically made using your broadband connection, rather than through your standard phone ports PSTN route which dramatically lowers costs – no connection charges per call; you’re just charged per minute. As a user, you can barely tell that the calls being made over a VOIP network and you can still use your existing phone number on the VOIP network, so transferring to VOIP is as easy as changing standard telephone provider.

What About International Charges?

This is where VOIP really begins to get interesting…

If you’re using a 3CX PBX box (which we supply and install for you), then this is able to use multiple VOIP gateways and providers. That means you can be connected to a UK based VOIP provider, a German based VOIP provider and an American VOIP provider, as an example. When you make an outgoing call, a rule can be set up so that calls using a certain country code are then routed through a particular provider. So continuing this example, if we were a UK based company but dealt with a lot of German customers, then when we dial 0049 (Germany Country Code) in front of the number, the call will be routed through the German VOIP provider, meaning you would be charged the “local” call charge rate of that provider as you’re effectively making a Germany-to-Germany call. Need to ring Spain? Same thing applies.

There’s no need to ever make an International call costing International Call Charges ever again!

Beginning to see the benefits of VOIP?
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